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Growing marijuana indoors and outdoors has become a rapidly growing hobby of people from around the world especially with the ever growing number of countries and states that legalize it.

Though with different laws and regulations different in each country, state and city; more people are still growing marijuana even in places where marijuana is not legal yet as many people believe that marijuana, which is a gift of nature, should be grown freely by anyone especially to those who need it the most medically.

There is lots of growing information online to teach you how to grow marijuana but there is not much information regarding the different cannabis strains available thus we have created this site to provide information about marijuana seeds and where to buy them from.

Marijuana Seeds Information for Both New and Professional Growers

Growing marijuana from seeds will reward you with healthy and high yielding plants thus it is very important that you have the information about the marijuana seeds that you would like to grow.

Everyday new cannabis strains are being developed and knowing about them and where to get their seeds from is of high importance for any marijuana grower out there.

Growing Marijuana from Seeds Tips and Information

Sunwest Genetics

We do not just provide information about different marijuana seeds but we also provide tips and guides on how to grow them into healthy marijuana plants. We do not encourage anyone to break your laws. What we provide here is for educational purposes and the information here will be saved for the next generations to come. This site will stay up to the time when marijuana is legal around the world.

For now, it’s your responsibility as readers to whether or not you use the information and tips you will get from here.

A Community for Marijuana Enthusiasts and Cannabis Growers

This isn’t just an informational website but a place where anyone who is into marijuana can share and learn about marijuana seeds, cannabis growing and many others.

This is built to provide everyone with a place where anyone who loves marijuana feel at home.

From Marijuana Seeds to Germination To Harvest – Our Tips will Make Everything Easy for You

Gone were the days when you had to spend money to learn about marijuana. And, gone were the tiring days of stumbling from one website to another just to find the information that you need.

We have built Marijuana Seeds website so that you can learn almost everything about marijuana. This site isn’t perfect but we do our best. Updates are added on a regular basis to keep this site as perfect as possible.