Marijuana Seeds
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Selling marijuana seeds is a giant, global industry.

Be a big part of this multi-billion dollar market. 

After 18 years, this website is now for sale.
The Green Rush is on, and here is your grand opportunity to make millions.

This is one of the top ten marijuana related websites in the world. The best in the world for selling marijuana seeds.
What do you type in, or say to your smartphone, or computer when looking for marijuana seeds? Do you type in "Ganja Seeds"? "Hemp seeds"? No. You type in, or say: "Marijuana Seeds". That is where the value is. Think about that. Really think about name recognition, and search engine rankings
Now, the questions for your company a
re: Do you have the vision? Do you fully appreciate the magnitude of this massive, global market? This is not just about the US, or Canada, but the entire planet Earth, and all the millions of customers who want marijuana seeds for decades to come.
Just 15 orders per day at an average of $100.00 per order will bring in $45,000 per month for the next 20 years.

Read the Market Watch article on the link above, and the Salon article too.

There are no other top ten marijuana related websites for sale, and this website will either sell, or be taken off the market January 1st, 2017, and we will start to sell premium marijuana seeds globally.

Canada is going legal in the spring of 2017, and once California with its population of 39 million people legalize recreational marijuana this November, that will be, for all intents and purposes, the end of marijuana prohibition as we knew it.

After the elections this November, the US will have the entire west coast with recreational marijuana. Now consider this in alphabetical order: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, Oregon,
Vermont, and the state of Washington. 

Having legal recreational marijuana in so many US states, with millions of customers, and billions in total sales, this will have global implications. 

Current asking price: $1M
Yes. That is one million dollars, USD.
Do not e-mail me if you are not a corporation, or capital investment firm.
Private individuals need to look elsewhere, and not waste my time.   
You want to get in this market before the price goes up more, as each day more great news comes in.
Some company will buy this top-level website and become the world leader in marijuana seeds sales for 30 years and beyond. 
Look into the future, and know marijuana
seeds will always be in demand, and will
always hold their value as high quality strains will never drop in price.